Commissioned Pieces

Commissioned pieces are very special.

Its an opportunity for clients to have a personalized piece suited to their taste, while also staying in my artistic style. The experience can be intimate because I get to know the client on a more personal level, and you get to know me as the artist personally by being involved in my creative process.  The energy exchange between us is what makes the piece so special and unique!  Usually commissioned clients become long time friends :-)



How it works:

Pieces require 50% deposit before I start work. 

I ask you some general questions about why you want the piece and what you would like it to say/mean. Some clients have a song/saying or quote that they like. 

I then meditate on the information you provide and let the creative process begin. I will see some certain shapes and forms or colors and I will make you a practice piece. Once we both agree on the general idea of the piece I will begin to work on canvas. My process is intuitive and organic, so tI will keep you involved in the process so you and I are both happy with the finished piece. 

Please email if you are interested :-)


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