Cartier // Black Lives Matter //  Print

Cartier // Black Lives Matter // Print

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8 x 10 in 

Photograph print

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Images I took during the first days of protests following George Floyd’s death. The proceeds will go to :

@reformlajails @bailproject @lastprisonerproject

To me, this sums up what is happening in America. Massive economic and racial injustice. In any country where revolution/dissent is imminent, economic inequality is to blame. In relation to the civil rights movement and to help those disenfranchised I feel it’s imperative we help those trapped in the prison system. Most are arrested for small crimes, them or their families are unable to pay bail, are unable to afford attorney’s fee’s and are pressured into pleading guilty to cut their prison time. (Many also are innocent, unable to afford lawyers and persuaded to plead guilty) Upon release they are unable to get adequate work due to their prior conviction keeping them in this toxic cycle that is difficult to get out of. Ultimately I would like to set up a cultural enrichment program for those stuck in the system. For now, I’ll start here.